Misty Harness

Moñote LLC

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Misty Harness
Misty Harness

You will love our high quality harnesses that include gold metal buckles and a one-of-a-kind designs by Maria Colusi that you won't find anywhere else! All include a 3-point size adjustment of the NECK, CHEST AND ABDOMEN LENGTH. 


XL 34-17 inches Chest. 30-15 inches Neck. 14.5 in Abdomen length.

Large 28-14 inches Chest. 24-12 in Neck. 10 in Abdomen length.
Medium: 23-11.5 in Chest. 21-10.5 Neck, 9 inches Abdomen length.
Small: 17-8.5 in Chest. 16-8 in Neck. 8 in Abdomen length.

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